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[Game Release] High School Backstreet Fighter!

2008-06-12 13:14:22 by ttback

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My very first game is about a high schooler fighting through the chaos of the backstreet, cleaning up all the bosses and eventually become the king of the backstreet. The controls are fairly simple and you can purchase items from the shop to increase your power along the way. My graphic skills are limited so the graphics are only in the basic big-head style. The game has 3 difficulties (you can choose them from the Options) to make sure all players from all levels can enjoy it. I designed the game with the game size in mind so everything is kept in the simplest way possible to minimize the file size. Another thing is that the game may seem too slow and easy at the beginning but it will get challenging soon enough. Anyway, I hope all of you will enjoy my first submission on Newgrounds and have some fun. Enjoy!


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2008-06-12 15:58:22

I shall enjoy, welcome to the 'grounds!