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[Game Release] Magic Pingpong

2008-06-24 12:05:06 by ttback

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Finally, my second submission on NG. I'm so excited.

This is basically an expansion of the old classic 3D Pong game. I added more levels and bosses to it. In addition to new graphics and sounds, it now has a Level-up (the green bar on the upper-left corner indicated exp) and a Power bar(down in the lower-right). Some characters will recur in the game with increased difficulty.

The control is primarily mouse. To play Power hits, you have to release and move in the same time.

The key to this game is to move off the center as little as you can(so you can recover quickly) and hit the ball to the opponent's open area. My personal suggestion is to play gently first, follow the opponent's moves and wait for an open opportunity. That'll pretty much get you to the level 5~8 without trouble.

The entire game has 16 bosses waiting for you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this game.

[Game Release] Magic Pingpong


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2008-06-24 20:03:14

well if you need music feel free to check out my audio.