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[Game Release] Rock Paper Scissors

2008-07-07 14:29:18 by ttback

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A simple and small game aimed for reviving the childhood memory of us playing the Rock Paper Scissors game and throwing the rock.

There are two parts of this game:
Part 1: Rock Paper Scissors
Z-Rock, X-Paper, C-Scissors

Part 2: Attack-defense
Q-Attack; A-Defend

The key of this game is to win Rock Paper Scissors first and then press Q or A with exact timing. If you hesitate, you will get beaten by the COM player. No early or late press. You must press Q and A as the key highlights on the screen. The timing is the key. If you press the key early, the player will not throw the rock. If you press too late, the COM player's defense will succeed. You got about 1/3~2/3 seconds to respond.

Hope you guys enjoy the game and please give me any feedbacks you may have.

[Game Release] Rock Paper Scissors


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2008-07-07 19:17:31

The link leads to the wrong place. Good game though.