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[Youtube Release] How are you now, dear children?

2008-07-07 15:10:26 by ttback

Youtube address for the movie:

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NG Flash page:

We've just converted our flash animation into video format and posted on Youtube to seek for more public exposure. Our most immediate goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, so please do not worry too much about our distribution rights, we really want as many people distributing this movie as possible.

The last but not the least, a BIG thank you for everyone who takes time to read this and watch our movie! Thank you!

[Youtube Release] How are you now, dear children?


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2008-07-07 15:20:53

Cool, hope that works out.


2008-07-07 22:08:24

It is beautiful. The whole composition, music, voices and animation are just so pleasing. Nice work.


2008-07-08 16:07:54

nice video, i liked it :)


2008-07-10 06:55:17

was it really made in easytoon?


2008-08-04 00:21:42

Well isn't that coincidential? I happen to have a Youtube account as well, so I will make sure to fave that immediately.

By the way, how have you been? I haven't heard from you in awhile, and I was getting a bit concerned. Just for no reason I guess, in fact I can't say I'm sure as to why.


2008-08-11 22:41:54

that was great i loved the animation and the music in the background..
the story was kinda sad though... *tear


2008-09-11 09:37:17

You make that on eazytoon ?! Youre realy good !