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Journey to the Chaos: Sanzang Run! Released

2008-09-27 14:30:48 by ttback

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Where is here? Oh... It occurred to me that Bodhisattva asked me to participate in a match called Journey to the West.Monk Sanzang is sent into a haunted place full of zombies. He's only chance is to run away as fast as he can and pray that he will be rescued.

As Sanzang begins his long Journey to the Chaos, we as developers also begin our new adventure.

Sanzang Run! is our first installment of the game series Journey to the Chaos. We've been planning this throughout the summer and it is finally here. Hope you guys will enjoy the journey. More installments are coming soon but I really can't guarantee when yet.

This game's fairly simple and it is still in its infancy. We just want to get the control and gameplay straight before adding more exciting features. The movement algorithm is at the core of this game and if anyone encounters any sort of bug, please let us know. Game feature suggestion will be more than welcome as well. Just feel free to share with us what you think.

Hope you all enjoy our game.

Journey to the Chaos: Sanzang Run! Released


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2008-09-27 15:33:05

twas a very nice game


2008-11-27 03:10:08

I hope you know, you are a flash god.