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Monkey King! released!

2009-03-22 14:41:24 by ttback

After a long period of production for an English version release, the Monkey King! is finally out on the Newground. It's been a long time since we release a game here. We would like to thank for everyone who's been supporting us along the way.

The story behind Monkey King! is about Monkey King and Sanzang going on a journey to take back Sanzang's lottery ticket from the King of Demon Bull. The Demon Bull's minions ambush them. Monkey King, with his mighty Golden Staff, stands against the heat from the deepest valley of hell and smashes evil in its very face.

Game Instructions:
P = Pause
Space bar=Boom Kill!

The game has Easy and Hard difficulty modes.

Click to kill one enemy at a time and draw lines with the mouse to attack multiple enemies with the stick. The aura around the Monk will only protect you for 3 attacks. When the bottle is full enough, press Spacebar for a Boom Kill, but this uses 1/3 of the bottle and you need to fill up the bottle to draw out the boss!

Hopefully everyone likes it.

Monkey King! released!


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2009-03-22 14:46:07

thanks for the save point?


2009-03-22 14:52:17

really good game but I suck at it lol.


2009-03-22 19:18:01

backgrounds were lovely. I kinda wish the main char was a little bit bigger.. he looks cool.


2009-03-22 21:50:40

all I do for "coupon underwear washing???". OMG this game is really funny. Keep moving forward!!!.