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The Great Siege on NG

Posted by ttback - April 19th, 2009

The Great Siege Game URL

After several months of development, polishing and exchanging ideas with many great players, reviewers and sponsors, we are finally able to release The Great Siege on Newgrounds.

The game features a great combination of impressive defense gameplay, sharp graphics, competitive balance and immersive theme music. The building system in the game pays tribute to Heroes of Might and Magic, one of my personal favorite, while the battle system includes elements such as the catapult, tank transformation, and traps that make the gameplay more interactive without being overwhelmingly complex. The Great Siege is generally a very simple game but it has a depth of strategy that embraces many possibilities.

it was my great pleasure to work with Selcuk and his group on the original music score for The Great Siege. The amount of time they've put into the works and the creative energy and inspiration they brought into this game through their music are incredible. Every music track is not only perfectly fitting to the game's theme, but also elevates the atmosphere of the game to another level.

Above all, I really hope you guys will enjoy this game.

Let's keep PLAYING and keep in touch.

The Great Siege on NG


Great game, i must say. The Heroes of Might and Magic series is one of my favorites as well. Also, it was a wise decision to choose MaestroRage for the music (which is why i'm not angry at you for not telling me you chose Selcuk).

Anyways, if you keep them coming, i'll end up adding you as my first favorite flash author !

I dont like you

Nice work. I really enjoyed the work you put into all of the design, HUD, and enemies.

Its aggravating how you can't summon the light spirit while the army is sending, and generaly you NEED it then, and how you have to use the arrow keys due to how annoying aiming with the mouse is. The quality is good, and aside from those three flaws, its a good game. Yes. This was my comment on the game. I needed to make sure you read it.

love your huds, very clean and detailed

I found a hacked version of the game but it's broken because the enemies walk through the wall :3

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photos on muh page...

never forget the earthquake flash.